Doodle Unique Creatures!

- Draw a squiggle and watch you're doodle turn into a fun little creature!

- Connect your line to fill in your monster, or leave it as an open line!

- Over 1 million combinations!*


 - Hold click and drag the mouse about the canvas to outline your character

- Release and watch the magic happen!

- Take a screenshot of your masterpiece

 - Press R to reset and make a new Doodledumb!

Share Your Creations!

I'd love to see what weirdos you can make!

Click 'Screenshot' after you've drawn to save an image.

@ us on Twitter @RuddyGoodProd and show me what you got!

Game-A-Month-Athon 10/12

This project was created as part of the Ruddy Good GAMA, where I've set out to create a bite-size experimental game each month! 

April 2022

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TagsCasual, Comedy, Cozy, Cute, Minimalist, Unity, weird


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i like how if you do tiny strokes you can just draw lol

hahaha definitely not intended, but this is great!

(1 edit)

he about to go hit someone with that thing sus friend

Haha these are great!

I made the smallest, doodle thing

Also, huge??


I tried drawing amogus, but i got this.

It had the right color, but not the right eye positions and leg positions.


Now thats a bit sus



Interesting concept, there where many times where my drawings (the lines - not being filled in) didn't clear when restarting, along with mouths appearing over the eyes, legs overlapping, gaps, along with a few other issues, but all in all. it got me drawing random shapes to see what happens. good work. i like the style.

Hey, thanks for checking it out and taking the time to give feedback! Got that all jotted down now, and hopefully have it all sorted when I next update this project! Thanks again!!


i made alot of things

i tried to write "Meow"

I tried to draw my cat who was kinda blocking my screen for the one above (also yellow?)

i tried to draw a cat head

this is me trying to write "Cat"


this is just a squiggle


"Fword", not actually the f-word


the first time i tried to draw a cat


chaos (also its the "Lively Rijjyloopy")

i saw someone in the comments drew a bird and i wanted to do that too. im not very good a dawing birds lmao

this is the first one i drew! i was just drawing whatever

Wow you really had a session here! Especially love the bird, had a good laugh at that.

Deleted 316 days ago

I see it, I see it.


Is a borb! Love this so much, thanks for making it my friend~

Wow! This is insane! Thanks for checking it out!


a sussy monster (i am so funny right)


*bum bum bum bum bum bum bum, bum-bum bum*



Sentient fortune cookie


dinosaur with a brain tumor

Yep, he looks in pain.

the depressed blob

Splatoon vibes.


its not a bug , its a feature!

Ok this might have to be my favorite one yet. Unimaginable amounts of class. 

Tried to create an eldritch being, got this masterpiece- 

Back to the depths of hell with that!


I filled in the entire screen lol


I also made this dude and i absolutely love him 

Me too!

Hahah now that's a first!


I think i broke the fill mechanic, 2 or more loops make this happen.

Two loops? I'm surprised your PC didn't implode! Haha yeah the fill is a bit hit and miss at the moment.


I actually want to draw a sheep, and this happens. Love this guy

I love it!


i made an octopus


I'm so proud.


this is so cute ahaha

thanks for checking it out!


haha amazing, i love the drum roll!


thanks so much for checking it out!!


made a pashartong 10/10 game

pashatong? I’m sure it’s wonderful! Thanks for playing!


So funny, I keep making some real characters


thanks for playing! I'd love to see them!


so cool! 




This was absolutely adorable. Saved to my collection to make future friends!


hahaha love that! Thanks for playing!